Our Tools


Demand Side Platform

We work with the best DSPs in the world, using RTB and powerful algorithms that automate media buying processes, and optimize investments.

Ad Serving

Your ad server

Acquire your own Adserver license with local billing or outsource the service to 369 to deliver high impact creatives and audit delivery.


The power of information

Our Data Management Platform allows you to collect, organize, and make data available. Create custom audiences that enhance the performance of your campaigns.


Crossmedia communication

We target users on their different devices depending on their usage behavior.


Optimized Creativity

Dynamic Creative Optimization provides the ability to create hundreds, even thousands of personalized ads for specific audiences. It improves the relevance of your messages and increases performance.


Smart templates

We provide our partners with access to our “AdBuilder” technology so they can create high-impact creatives with ease, optimizing time and resources.


We translate and measure your information.

We integrate all your digital media into a single real-time reporting tool. You can make efficient decisions based on clear information, accessing custom dashboards that you can share with whoever you want in the cloud, or export them to CSV and PDF.


Generate customized reports directly from the source.

Real Time Cloud Access

Access reports from anywhere and monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Integration of sources

Add different data sources to the platform, cross analyze data and achieve comprehensive insights.

We build trust by providing quality services for our clients.

We audit Viewability using IAS or MOAT to measure impressions that meet the IAB and MRC definition of visibility.

These suppliers allow you to set up Viewability targets in your campaigns, as well as limit the purchase only to the inventory that is pre-qualified by viewability rates.

Brand Safety

We guarantee that your ads are delivered in contexts that are consistent with the values of your brand.

Our integrations with IAS, DoubleVerify and Peer39 guarantee us access to brand safety technologies that are based on contextual analysis of the sites.


We fight against advertising fraud through cutting-edge technologies.

All impressions are audited by IAS, DoubleVerify and/or Peer39, to ensure that real users see the ads, avoiding impressions on Zero Ads, Bots, and Ad Stacking sites.

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